12 Sided Fidget Cube

Bang Bang


This toy was created for kids with attention disorders, but also for adult fidgets that need help to feed their compulsion. It resonates with many people that always need to fidget. The dice can be used in professional environments and still make you look cool.

It is an all-in-one magic toy that can be used in job offices by people who sit at their desk, if you stay in line or in a waiting room. In one simple toy you get Clicks, Rolls, Spins and is designed for Anxiety relief. Also it was designed to look cool in to your hand.

The fidget cube can be used to help reduce stress. It is said that fidgeting is good for people to become more focused and more creative. Also is beneficial for kids and adults with ADHD, OCD, ADD and Alzheimer.

Instructions of the 12 sides:

1 - SOFT BUTTON. Ideal for people who like to press ball pen.

2 - SOFT SILICON. Small soft tactility that have the function of stimulating the blood circulation and massage.

3 - WORRY STONE. Using fingers to rub repeatedly that can relieve stress and annoyance effectively.

4 - SLIDING BLOCK. Sliding the sliding block to adjust own life rhythm.

5 - SMILING FACE. If you want to know how it like to touch a minions little face. It won`t be angry no matter how you pinch.

6 - GEAR. The side has three gears which can be poked and rolled.

7 - ROTATING DISK. Do you want to rotate a disk? You can try it.

8 - SILICONE BALL. A great feeling. Soft and exquisite.

9 - JOYSTICK. 360 degree rotation joystick.

10 - BUTTON. Game controller button experience, using ABD material to enhance texture.

11 - SWITCH. You can enjoy your own experience with an ON/OFF button.

12 - SILICONE ROPE. Designed for an easy grip and you can hang your cube anywhere not being afraid of missing it.

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