Demon Killer Prebuilt Coil Pack

Demon Killer


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The Demon Killer Pre-built coil pack features a variety of coils to customize your vaping experience. These coils come in all shapes, sizes, and resistances ranging from 0.36 Ohms to 0.85 Ohms and from simple claptons, to competition hive wire, and even alien claptons! You can build anything you want the way you want it. The Demon Killer Pre-built coil pack gives you the option for more flavor, more heat, and more vapor!

You Will Receive:


  • 6x - Mix Twisted Coils - 0.45 Ohm
  • 6x - Hive Coils - 0.5 Ohm
  • 6x - Tiger Coils - 0.36 Ohm
  • 6x - Clapton Coils - 0.85 Ohm
  • 6x - Quad Coils - 0.36 Ohm
  • 6x - Fused Clapton Coils - 0.45 Ohm
  • 6x - Flat Twisted Coils - 0.36 Ohm
  • 6x - Alien Clapton Coils - 0.45 Ohm






The Demon Killer pre-built coil pack offers a choice between eight different coil options. You will have a wider variety of choices, creating eight different BEASTLY vaping experiences

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